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Lab coat

At least  2 lab-coats - buy them as soon as possible.


For your work in the lab you need a lab coat. A lab coat is no protective clothing but only a "notification clothing": You will see easily everything having been spilled onto your lab coat. A contaminated lab coat has to be removed - it has to be removed at once! The lab-coat has to be washed before you may use it again. But what to do untill the contaminated lab coat is again ready to use? You need at least one second lab coat!

The student representatives will help you, because they sell very cheap lab-coats especially at the beginning of the semester. And you may be sure to get suitable lab-coats!

Features of a suitable lab-coat:

  • Closable at the front side - the very best are snap fastener. (Keep in mind that the lab coat must be removed very quickly in case of accident!)
  • No textil fiber which melts on heating! This would cause severe burns. Cotton is OK. A blended fabric with a minimum of 35 % cotton is even better, because this is more tear resistant and after washing it dries more quickly.
  • The lab-coat should be long and should not have a deap lapel.
  • If you put on your lab-coat you have to move your hands trough the sleeves. Therefore the sleeves must be wide. But if you wear the lab-coat a wide sleeve is a disadvantage, because when you work at the lab bench the end of the sleeve will always be in contact with the surface of the bench and soon it will have soaked up a lot of liquid chemicals. So you need either a wristband to narrow the sleeves or you make a pleat in the sleeves and fix it again with a snap fastener. If you have no idea how to do this, just have a look onto the lab-coats of the student representatives.


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  • Lab coat