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Application and Admission



Please carefully follow these instructions!

Since you do not have to send your application to the Freie Universität Berlin but to UNI-ASSIST instead, you should also carefully read the instructions on the UNI-ASSIST-WEB-site.

Please use the online-info to check the progress of your application. Please note that the chemistry department is not involved in the application procedure and nobody here can tell you anything about your application or why an application has been rejected. If you have still questions about the enrolment - for example about the documents needed for your application please ask the Info-Service of the FU Berlin.

There ist a brief description of the basic data of master program, where you will find the application period.

Details of the application procedure

At first you have to send your application to UNI-ASSIST. UNI-ASSIST will check your documents and if your bachelor program is formal equivalent. It does not matter if you have not yet finished your bachelor program at the time of your application and therefore you do not have a bachelor diploma at hand. In this case a verified transcript of records is OK for your application ...

  • ... if it states that at least 2/3 of the bachelor program has been successfully passed (in a european bachelor program with a total amount of 180 cr this a minimum of 120 cr) and
  • if it displays the actual overall average grade. Please not that we will never do any calculations!

If you cannot enclose a bachelor diploma in your documents you will have to surrender it when you enrol at the FU Berlin.

If the formal aspects are OK then we (=the chemistry department of the FU Berlin) will check if the design of your bachelor program is equivalent.

We need a detailed description of your previous chemical education!

And if you at the moment do not have finished your bachelor program we need also a description of all courses which are not certified in your transcript of records but are still needed to complete your bachelor degree.

This means that beside a transcript of records we need a syllabus of your bachelor program with topics of the modules and number and kinds of experiments in the lab courses respectively.

Please never add a list of all courses of your university! But for every course found in the transcript of records or the bachelor diploma there should be a detailed description instead - not more - not less!

Since the number of places is limited there will be a selection procedure. Most important criterion is the overall average grade. To say it in one phrase: Only the best applicants with a bachelor equivalent to our bachelor program will be enrolled.

If your application is accepted an admission notice is sent to you. With that admission notice you may enrol at the FU Berlin. In this situation again several documents are needed - most important is a proof of health insurance and the bachelor diploma (if this has not been enclosed in your application documents)