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How to apply for Erasmus Plus study:

After you have found a suitable university for an Erasmus+ study abroad program within the partnership database, please find out what is offered at your university of choice and which modules / courses you would like to take there. Afterwards, you should consider for which modules / courses at Freie Universität Berlin you would like to credit these credits abroad. For this purpose, please fill out a "learning agreement" for your first choice only, see below.

Do not send it to the partner university for application, but fill in the "before the mobility" tables and attach it to your application. This way you will know before you apply if and which courses of the partner universities might fit into your study plan. Contact your Erasmus representative if you have acute questions about the learning agreement and would like to discuss your study program/credit possibilities before applying.

The application for Erasmus Plus studies is handled by the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, but the final selection of students for the program is again ultimately up to the Erasmus representatives. Please submit all required documents merged into a single PDF. The PDF file should have your name on it.

The application deadline is January 31st of each year.

Please send your application by e-mail to erasmus@bcp.fu-berlin.de.