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In-Person Distribution of Places for Multiple Required Courses and Required Elective Courses

For many degree program modules at the Institute of Biology you are required to show up in person in order to receive your course place. This distribution procedure is carried out in line with SfS regulations. You can find out which modules this applies to in the table below, as well as details concerning the relevant times, dates, and places.

All students who want a place in the course of the respective module are expected to show up in person on the day scheduled for distributions. The Office of Academic Affairs for Biology distributes course places with the help of assistants.

Students who wish to reserve a spot in such courses must show up in person. If you do not go to the in-person distribution appointment, then you will no longer be entitled to your place in the course, even if it has already been included in your curriculum plan. If you are unable to attend in person, then you must send a person who you trust and who has an official letter of authorization from you to sign up on your behalf, together with a list of your preferred courses (and several alternative options). The official letters of authorization will be collected by the Office of Academic Affairs in order to maintain a clear record of registrations. You are welcome to use the following form: Official Authorization Letter – Representative for In-Person Course Registration

If teaching staff does end up redistributing places, only they are allowed to send changes to the list of participants to kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de. This typically happens after the second day of the course. The changes requested by the teaching staff will then be entered into Campus Management by the Examinations Office at the earliest opportunity.

Students are only allowed to directly notify kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de if they wish to be removed from a course list. Course registrations must always be carried out by teaching staff.