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Advance Registration for Students with Family Responsibilities and Other Groups

Groups of people who are entitled to priority registration for places in courses with limited capacity at the Institute of Biology (for all distribution procedures) are listed in Section 11 of the Statutes of Academic Affairs (Satzung für Studienangelegenheiten, or SfS), published April 11, 2017. These include:

  • Parents whose child/children has/have not yet reached twelve years of age
  • People who are responsible for taking care of family members
  • People who have a disability as per Book IX of the German Social Code (SGB IX)
  • People who are pregnant (if they have notified Freie Universität that they will be going on maternity leave)

Our institute council has decided that this group can be expanded to include Erasmus students and tutors in certain situations. In specific cases, part-time students and others can also be put into this group following an advising session with the Office of Academic Affairs for Biology on the individual student’s curriculum plan.

All students eligible for advance registration are encouraged to attend an advising session with the Office of Academic Affairs before the advance registration period concludes. After this deadline has passed you will no longer be eligible for advance registration.

Please use the form (in the table below) to declare your interest in priority registration within the advance registration period for the upcoming semester.

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for carrying out advance registrations in Campus Management and on the behalf of teaching staff. The person making the request is not permitted to carry out advance registrations themselves. Please note that if you do attempt to register yourself, then your right to advance registration will lapse as the Office of Academic Affairs processes registrations using a different set of authorization rights (“direct reservation”).

However, you should check Campus Management to verify that the registration you requested has been carried out correctly by the Office of Academic Affairs. Be sure to do this prior to the deadline indicated in a separate email that you received. Please get in touch with the Office of Academic Affairs if this is not the case.