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Courses with Unlimited Capacity

The system in place for courses with unlimited capacity is relatively straightforward. At the Institute of Biology only lectures fall into this category. Anyone can register for a place in this type of course. Usually, all you have to do is sign up for the course in Campus Management (CM) during the registration period. In rare cases you may only be able to sign up for the lecture on the first day of the course or at a preliminary meeting with the teaching staff. The procedure by which places are distributed can be found in the table on this page and in the online course catalog (eVV).

Please get in touch with the teaching staff if you forget to sign up for a course in CM in time. Only teaching staff is allowed to send changes to the list of participants to kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de. This typically happens after the second day of the course. The changes requested by the teaching staff will then be entered into CM by the Examinations Office at the earliest opportunity.

Students are only allowed to directly notify kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de if they wish to be removed from a course list. Course registrations must always be carried out by teaching staff.