8. Review of the thesis


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After submission, the suggested reviewers have to be checked and appointed by the doctorate board. Beside that the doctorate committee will be appointed by the doctorate board.

Both experts are requested to deliver their assessment within six weeks. The doctorate committee will be informed when the reviews are available for inspection. As soon as the requested reviews are available and the assessments include the acceptance of the thesis, the doctoral student will be duly informed and requested to make an appointment with the head of the doctorate committee. It is advisable for each doctoral student to contact each member of the doctorate committee in order to enquire whether they would be interested in a copy of the thesis.

The defense can take place after at least the end of the period display!

Dissertation and reviewers' grade proposals must be made available for examination (display period) for 10 working days (Monday - Friday) during the lecturer time. Days without lecturer will count only half. The starting day of the period display does not count. Therefore the period display will be extended proportionately within semester holiday. Please do not start to make the appointment for the defense before the start of the period display.

Only members of the commission may look at the reports. All people are bound to the secrecy about the score proposals. You will not receive any information about the results before your debate.