1. Supervisor, topic, funding


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If the formal admission requirements of the doctoral thesis regulations (Promotionsordnung) are fulfilled, a supervisor and a topic have to be found as well as the funding has to be clarified before the start of the doctorate. In case of a supervisor who is not a full professor or adjunct professor, you have to choose a full professor or adjunct professor who becomes the 2nd reviewer and head of the doctoral committee.

In order to register as a doctorate student it is required that the applicant needs to find a supervisor (Prof. or Priv.-Doz.), who enables the applicant to enter his or her working group for doctorate studies. According to our doctorate rules § 6 (3), a not habilitated supervisor can apply to be accepted by the doctorate board (to act as a supervisor, reviewer and examiner) if the not habilitated supervisor is an independent working group leader. After acceptance all rights and responsibilities will be regulated in a cooperation contract.

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In case of an external supervisor, a second reviewer (also full professor or adjunct professor) from a relevant FUB area (Biology, Chemistry or Pharmacy) must be named in either case.

Please note: One the both reviewers has to be member of the specific scientific field of our department.

You will find selected funding opportunities for graduates at the following links: