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Exhibition: Dual Use – Ambivalenz der Wissenschaften

Oct 27, 2023 - Nov 08, 2023

From 26 October to 08 November 2023, the "Dual Use – Ambivalenz der Wissenschaften" exhibition is being displayed at the Henry-Ford-Bau, FU Berlin, exploring the concept of research that holds potential for both beneficial and also harmful applications. The vernissage, which took place on 26 October, featured a welcome address by FU President Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler. The exhibition delves into instances of "Dual Use", examining them from diverse disciplinary perspectives. The exhibition also showcased contributions from the our Department at the Institute of Pharmacy, highlighting the potential ambivalent usage of pharmaceuticals, e.g the compound ketamine being effective as narcotic drug in anaestesia, yet also being consumed causing e.g. a state called ‘k-hole’. The exhibition offers critical engagement with the subject and presents art pieces by international artists such as Chan Sook Choi and Douglas Henderson. The exhibition aims to stimulate dialogue and encourage new societal and academic perspectives.

Time & Location

Oct 27, 2023 - Nov 08, 2023

Freie Universität Berlin, Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystraße 35, 14195 Berlin