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MeroRisk Calculator

The MeroRisk Calculator (MRC) is an easy-to-use Excel tool to predict the risk of target non-attainment for an individual patient before initiation of standard meropenem therapy (1 g meropenem as a 0.5 h infusion every 8 h). The tool is developed for critically ill patients that are not on continuous renal replacement therapy.

Here, we provide the links for the peer-reviewed articles describing the development and evaluation of the MeroRisk Calculator and an open-access link to download the newest version of the MeroRisk Calculator.

  • Read about the development of the MeroRisk Calculator by Ehmann et al., Crit. Care 2017: here.
  • Read about the evaluation of the MeroRisk Calculator by Liebchen et al., Antibiotics 2021: here.
  • Download the most current version of the MRC here (coming soon). Please note the disclaimer.