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Project goals


Source: istock/selimaksan


The plant boxes are intended to serve as a meeting place for the members of our department. Since the team consists of a mixed group of people, the team members come together in a relaxed atmosphere and can exchange experience with members of the institute, enabling them to build up a supportive network both in the private and in the professional context.


In addition, each team member is given the opportunity to get in touch with people at different career levels. For example, the doctoral student can function as a mentor for bachelor's and master's students, and at the same time he can be the mentee of a  professor. This gives the doctoral student the chance to receive valuable tips for future career steps.

Soft Skill training

As is known from other urban gardening projects, joint gardening strengthens the social competency and the communication skills of the team members. It also promotes skills in project management and time management, as the team has to plan how to take care of the beds.

Health promotion

In addition to the beneficial effects on the soft skills, the planters boxes are also intended to help members of the faculty to come to rest in very stressful situations and to take a break. This will have a long-term positive effects on the health and  the performance of the faculty members.

Support of the sustainability

In particular gardening offers the team members who do not own a private garden a natural experience. In addition, the teams help to improve the air quality and transforms previously unattractive areas into small green oases with their plants. In order to support the sustainabilty, the plant boxes are filled with composted TerraBoga soil of the botanical garden in Dahlem.

Promotion of the exchange with the alumni network 

In addition to the current students and employees, former members of the departments are welcome to join the teams in order to to promote the establishment of a functioning and attractive alumni network for the exchange of experience and knowledge.