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Grow Your Plants

As the name already suggests, the focus of this category is on the plants, whereby "plants" does not only mean a stem and green leaves. Furthermore it means botanical diversity and uniquiness. It can be a classical flower bed or a winter-hardy sustainable plant collection. Our botanic specialist Prof. Julien Bachelier together with other experts will choose the winner team in this category.

Price: Tour through the Grunewald "eatable wild plants"

Criteria from the Jury:

Diversity [max. 30 points]

  • of plant lineages (moss, fern, flowering plants) [max. 3 points]
  • of plant life cycles (annual, biennal, perennial) [max. 3 points]
  • of plant habit (herbaceous, suffruticose, vines, woody) [max. 4 points]
  • of plant species [max. 20 points]

Growth [max. 20 points]

  • Plant health [max. 4 points]
  • Homogeneity [max. 4 points]
  • Density [max. 4 points]
  • Structure [max. 4 points]
  • Maintenance [max. 4 points]