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News #11 // WS on IP & Research Transfer / DRS Courses / Serious Transfer Game / R2M Challenge / Postdoc Fair / MSCA Deadlines / Scoping Workshops / Marthe Vogt Award / Leuven Fellowships

Mar 01, 2024



Workshop "Intellectual Property and Research Transfer" in chemistry-related fields // Mar & Apr


The patenting of research results plays an important role for third-party funding by organizations such as the BMBF, EXIST and SPRIND. However, a basic understanding of intellectual property rights is also essential for the successful transfer of results from basic research to commercial applications.


Registration deadline: 08.03.2024.


The event is free of charge. For more information see here



Booking Start for DRS Courses // 20 March, 12 noon


With summer semester 2024 ahead, the DRS team is looking forward to welcoming you back to the new workshop program at Dahlem Research School! Make sure to check out the details on our booking platform https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de before the booking start at: March 20, 2024 at 12:00 (noon). Save the date!

If there are free spots, we also allow postdocs to participate.


Offers & Courses, e.g.:

  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Self Marketing
  • Writing Abstracts


To book workshops please register here. Make sure to use an institutional email address of one of the Berlin University Alliance partners or Universität Potsdam. After registration, you will receive an email asking you to confirm that you are a doctoral researcher and a member of one of the participating institutions.
Once you have confirmed, your account will be activated. Check out the workshop program and start booking. With any questions please contact skills@drs.fu-berlin.de.



The BUA Postdoc Academy Serious Transfer Game


April 10th, 2024, 1:30-5:00 p.m., Space EINS, Ernst Reuter Platz 1, 10587 Berlin

Play your way through the possibilities of technology transfer. Your research results are relevant for application, but the numerous options technology transfer are confusing - where should you start? What should you do? In this interactive and innovative game, you as a group take on the role of a research team that is familiarizing itself with technology transfer. With this game we hope to broaden your understanding of the career opportunities open to you. You will experience the various opportunities, added values and pitfalls in a technology transfer case, discuss these in your team and find solutions to ever new challenges. Learning takes place through guided dialogue with each other and "living through" real-life situations, which are introduced into the game. The game is based on an imaginary project, you do not do not need to bring your own project. The Game will be offered in German and in English.

Register now


The Serious Transfer Game is one of the modules at the Transfer School TU Berlin. The Transfer School imparts basic and detailed knowledge on the practical implementation of technology transfer. Researchers from BUA partner institutions can take part in the Transfer School free of charge.



Research to Market Challenge started


This year's university ideas competition "Research to Market Challenge" has started! We are looking for innovative ideas for products, processes, applications and/or business models related to research at Freie Universität Berlin or cooperating institutions (e.g. Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Zuse-Institut, Robert-Koch-Institut, etc.). We are looking forward to receiving submissions for the competition categories Sustainability & Society, Healthcare & Prevention and Technologies & Resources plus an extra category with a special prize "Future Innovation: AI" if the idea also relates to the topic of artificial intelligence. In addition to prize money totaling 12,000 Euros and awards for the best solutions, the participants will receive feedback from experts on the potential exploitation of their research results. Application deadline is April 5, 2024.

To prepare for the competition, potential participants are offered two events. At the Impulse Day on March 14th at EINS (Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1) you can be inspired by exciting lectures on the latest developments in the respective clusters. Afterwards, a Workshop Day will take place on March 19th also at EINS (Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1), So that the ideas can be deepened, structured and submitted.


All information can be found here: https://www.marketchallenge.de/en/index.html



Save the Date: Postdoc Career Fair, June 20th 2024 – Exploring Non-Academic Career Paths


Mark your calendars for June 20th 2024 for a unique career fair tailored specifically to the needs and aspirations of postdocs. This event provides an unparalleled platform for exchanging experiences with peers and experts across various industries, with a focus on non-academic career paths. Seize this opportunity to gain valuable insights, discover new ideas, and gather tips and strategies for advancing your career. The fair is an ideal setting to expand your professional network and gain direct access to knowledge and experiences that can propel your career beyond academia. We look forward to welcoming you on June 20th at the Humboldt Graduate School! More details coming soon!



MSCA announces new call dates for 2024 calls


The updated Horizon Europe work program 2023-2025 is expected to be published at the beginning of April. This will include different submission deadlines for some calls for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) than originally specified in the current 2023/2024 work program. The MSCA budget for 2024 amounts to more than 1.23 billion euros.

new call dates for 2024 calls:

  • Postdoctoral Fellowships, Call opening: 10.04.2024. Deadline: 11.09.2024 
  • COFUND, Call opening: 03.04.2024. Deadline: 26.09.2024 
  • Doctoral Networks, Call opening: 29.05.2024. Deadline: 27.11.2024
  • Staff Exchanges, Call opening: 19.09.2024. Deadline: 05.02.2025

Further Information: https://marie-sklodowska-curie-actions.ec.europa.eu/news/msca-announces-new-call-dates-for-2024-calls



Scoping Workshops by VW Stiftung


Through "Scoping workshops", the foundation intends to encourage a reflection and further development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas and communities. Through this funding, researchers are given the opportunity to jointly assess the current status of their field of research and, on this basis, to work out perspectives for its further development.


Deadline: 04.06.2024 (14:00 Uhr)
Further Information: https://www.volkswagenstiftung.de/en/funding/funding-offer/scoping-workshops



Joachim Herz Stiftung: For new materials in medical technology


As part of the innovate! Academy, the Joachim Herz Stiftung supports excellent scientists who want to bring their innovations in the field of "New materials in medical technology" from basic research to application maturity. This involves financial support for research and a comprehensive seminar program.

Application deadline: 15.04.2024
Further Information: https://www.joachim-herz-stiftung.de/en/research/research-and-application/innovation-academy



The Marthe Vogt Award 2024


Every year since 2001, FVB has presented the Marthe Vogt Award worth € 3,000 to a young female scientist who has written an outstanding PhD within a scientific area covered by FVB in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg.

The institutes’ fields of research include, among others, molecular pharmacology, structural biology and chemical biology, new materials, aquatic ecology and biodiversity research, veterinary medicine, biotechnology and environmental research, nanomaterials, quantum materials, optoelectronics and materials research, laser research and light matter interaction and applied mathematics. The doctorate should have been completed at a non-university research institution or at a university in the Berlin/Brandenburg region.


Nomination deadline: 31.05.2024
Contact and nominations: preis@fv-berlin.de
Further Information: https://www.fv-berlin.de/en/careers/marthe-vogt-preis



Leuven Institute for Advanced Study Junior Fellowships 2024: ‘Water - Scarcity and Flooding’


The Leuven Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) calls for applications for their Spring Junior Fellowships, which will take place at KU Leuven from 6 May to 30 May 2024. They will organize workshops, discussions, and lectures on the topic of "Water: Scarcity and Flooding":

  • Challenges and solutions to the increasing trends of droughts and floods as a consequence of climate change
  • Water use, behavioral change and communication
  • Link with collective memory
  • Spatial planning and land use
  • Policy options and legal status of water

Doctoral researchers, postdocs, and junior faculty members are encouraged to apply. If your application is successful, you will receive funding for travel and accomodation of up to 1.000 EUR to participate in the program and stay for up to 14 days in Leuven.

Application deadline: March 22, 2024.

Further information: https://www.fu-berlin.de/en/international/network/partnership-networks/unaeuropa/news/2024-lias-junior-fellows-spring.html