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Doctoral Rules

Not authoritative version based on FU-Mitteilung 21/2018,  31st of May, 2018,
Doctorate Regulations for the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy at Freie Universität Berlin

All procedures, which were admitted on the basis of the previous doctoral regulations, have been automatically transferred to the new doctoral regulations. The transition period of 4 years expired on 31st of May 2022, i.e. all dissertations submitted after this date are exclusively subject to the new doctoral regulations (even if an application for return to the old doctoral regulations was submitted in advance).

Not authoritative reading version based on FU-Mitteilungen 52/2007 4th of September, 2007, and Nr. 04/2008 7th of February , 2008 - Regulations for a doctorate from the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy of the Freie Universität Berlin (expired on 1st of June, 2018)