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Safety Googles with Vision Correction

Standard safety goggles are available in the "Materialverwaltung" (=Material Management).

Glasses used for the correction of vision are not suitable as an eye protection. Therefore safety goggles have to be used as fitover to the correction glasses. If an eye protection is needed for a longer period of time it is more comfortable to have safety goggles with personal correction glasses. Such googles are provided by the companies UVEX and INFIELD. Both companies are distributing their products in the Fielmann-branches. In case of a simple visual defect the price for a safety goggle will be around 60,- €. Progressive lenses, antireflexion coating and phototropic glasses are also possible.

It is a good idea, to make yourself at first knowledgeable. Eye protection is not only used for safe handling of chemicals but also to protect against sparking if you are welding or to protects against other mechanical hazards. Depending on the intended purpose different materials are used. Since polycarbonate has only poor resistance against chemicals it is not suitable for usage in the lab.