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Installing an Eye-Shower

In case of a retrofit it might be difficult to find a suitable place.

Everything is fine, if the eye-shower may be installed apart from the draining board.

But what to do, if there is no suitable place apart from the draining board or if there are electrical sockets (see yellow marks in the picture) so that you might get an electric shock if you put there an eye-shower into operation?

As you see in the picture in this situation as a result of the embarrassment the eye-shower has been installed below the draining board. But this is not a good solution because now everything which is dropping down from the draining board may find its way into the eye-shower!

Check if electric sockets beside the draining board are really necessary. In the picture you see, that these sockets have been removed and the opening has been closed with a plate. (See yellow mark.)
This is a closer view of the same situation. Again the yellow mark shows the plate which is now found instead of the electric sockets. The holder for the eye shower is a self-made plastic bar.

Ensure that in case of an accident the eye-shower could be found even with closed eyes and that operating the eye shower does not affect other laboratory equipment.