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Performance Requirements

You may check this yourself.

The requirements are stated in § of the BGI/GUV-I 850-0:

  • Every spray head of an eye-shower must release at least 6 l of water per minute.
  • The spray height must be not less than 10 cm and not more than 30 cm.

These parameters should be monthly checked.

Sprühstärke zu stark Sprühstärke zu schwach Sprühstärke OK
This water jet shoots out of the spray head about half of a meter. Would you like to put your eye into this jet? This will be painful even with an uninjured eye! With this kind of water flow you may still be able to reach frog eyes. Normal human beeings remain empty-handed. In this case the water flow is too small. 10 to 30 cm spray height are OK. In this situation 6 l of water should be released per minute. Check using a bucket with graduation and counting the time.

Adjusting the spray force:

Einstellen der Sprühstärke Einstellen der Sprühstärke
An adjusting screw which may be moved either by a screw-driver or - better - with an Allen key as shown in the picture. Even more comfortable because no tool is needed: A toggle at the wall outlet.

Unfortunately it is not OK to adjust the spray force once and forget the problem then. The water pressure may change, pipes and in particular the spray head may become calcified which has influence to the water flow and once a day again the spray force is not OK. Therefore check this regularly.