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Skin Protection Plan

This term might look scaring but it has the simple meaning that it is the job of the group head that by the risk assessment he has also to specify the skin protection measures. This includes:

  • Stating the kinds of safety gloves.
  • Stating the maximum period of wearing time of the gloves.
  • Advice about skin care and cleaning the skin.

Examples for skin care and skin cleaning:

  • Abrasive cleaning powder or solvents are unsuitable for cleaning the skin.
  • To reabsorbe chemicals which are not water soluble the skin may be treated with polyethylen glycol 400 and after a short application time rinsed with water. This procedure is repeted several times.
  • Since the skin of the hands is stressed by the lab work a good skin care with a skin creme is needed.
  • Additionally special safety skin creames may be used. There are cremes which delay the swelling of the skin when it is sweat covered in the gloves and there are cremes witch put a sealing film on the skin to block skin penetration of chemicals.

The complete set of measures is called skin protection plan.