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Tasks and Responsibilities for Group Heads

Group heads have to ensure a proper first aid organisation in their group. This includes:

Since first aiders should be well known to the staff and since the responsibility of the work safety has been delegated to the group heads all groups should have a sufficient number of first aiders. As a rule every group should have at least one first aider. Preferably this job should be done by permanent employees since experience is profitable and since then there is no need to recurrently take care for successors.

First aiders have to be trained in a basic course and must have then refreshment courses every two years. Courses are offered by the Weiterbildungszentrum of the Freien Universität Berlin. The fees for the courses are paid by the Unfallkasse Berlin. If accidents with hazardous chemicals may happen (working in labs), then an additional adeqate training is needed.

The group head has to instruct his coworkers regularly how to behave in case of an accident, the first aid kits and the first aiders. This may be done together with other instructions. Are further first aid measurements or is additional first aid material needed in a specific work area please contact the Arbeitsmedizinischen Zentrum (AMZ) of the Charité and the Dienststelle Arbeitssicherheit.

Imortant phone numbers and adresses have to be placed in sight of every telephone. Generally this is performed by the red notice.

Group heads should take every accident as a reason to check all accident prevention measures if they are OK or should be changed. Therefore they should make sure to get notice of every accident.