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Occupational Medical Precautions/Company Physician

By "occupational medical precautions" occupational deseases should be avoided or at least detected early. "Occupational medical precautions" should also serve to keep the ability to work and to get a further development of the occupational health protection.

Responsible for the "occupational medical precautions" is the company physician. He is evaluating interdependencies of work and health. In special cases, described in the Verordnung zur Arbeitmedizinischen Vorsorge (= Regulation of occupational medical precautions) this may include a medical examination. The company physician will explain the results to the affected persons and give advice. Additionally the company physician helps the heads of a group to perform the "hazard assessments".

This means that the company physician always can be consulted if there could be a health stress at work, for example by heat, cold, noise, dust, infectiousness or on working with hazardous chemicals.

The company physician has nothing to do with medical treatment! He does nothing but evaluating the workplace and giving hints!

The tasks of a company physician are carried out by the Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum (AMZ) der Charité (= Occupational Health Service of the Charité).