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Searching Instructions

This will help you to answer the question: "How do other people solve the problem?"

A good instruction is a respected instruction. Please try to make well respected instructions.

In the German version of this page you will find Google-links to search documents which are labelled with key-words used in German language when handling chemicals especially hazardous chemicals. This is:

In German chemistry labs this is a well known expression. The English translation would be "lab-regulations". In such lab-regulations the group head has to transfer all legal regulations and to state details how to work safely in the concrete lab.

The word "Betriebsanweisung" is an expresion used in German legal regulations. The English translation is "Operating instructions". On one hand operating instructions can be given as general hints. For example the "Laborordnung" is a general operating instruction. On the other hand the instruction can be also very specific, for example how to handle a specific chemical or a special lab equipment. It is the job of the group head to prepare a set of general and specific operating instructions as needed.

A Praktikumsskript is an information given to students just working in a lab-course. For example this can be an instruction how to perform a reaction, an information about the theoretical background or a direction how to work safely in the lab. In English often the expression "laboratory manual" is used. But a Praktikumsskript could be all: A single page as well as a little book of for example 100 pages.

Since there are no 1to1-translations for the German keywords, no English translation of the German page is given here.

To get an idea how lab-safety in Germany works it is a good idea to look for other German documents which have been translated into English. Most important is:

Guidelines for laboratories (BGI/GUV-I 850-0e)
This "the holy bible" for lab safety in Germany.

Laboratory Safety

On clicking this link you will search German web-servers which present English documents with the phrase "Laboratory Safety". Maybe this is also a chance to get an idea about the German way of lab-safety.