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Evacuation alarm

Leave the building if you hear the evacuation alarm!

  • Close doors and windows but do not lock anything. Do not think that anybody could steal your valuables: The entrances of the bulding are guarded during the evacuation alarm.

Appear at the assembly point!

  • For the staff of the department Takustr. 3 this is:
    Parking area Takustr. 6
  • For the staff of the department Fabeckstr. 34-36 this is:
    Grasland between this building and the building found at Arnimallee 22.

  • If available take care for suitable clothing if it is cold outside.

  • Try to check if there is anybody who did not escape the building.


If you want to release an evacuation alarm:

Look for the next blue alarm knob! You will find these knobs nearby the staircases. It is best to look for these knobs right now and keep their position in mind, because in case of an accident you should not waste time.

To release an alarm break the glass window an press the knob deeply.