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Emergency call

Carefully look for the red notice found nearby every telephone!

Phone NumberHints
  • Emergency call: 0112
  • Be aware that you will have to answer the following questions:
    Who is calling?
    What has happened?
    Where did it happen?
    How many injured persons?
    What kind of injuries?
    Never hang up the phone yourself unless you are asked to do so!
  • Bring the rescue personnel to the location of the accident!
  • Central control room of the FU: 55112
  • Every alarm of the fire alarm panel is automatically forwarded to the officer of the central control room. In case of an alarm the officer tries to call back to get information what has happened. If there is nobody immediately available he will call the firebrigade and send technical staff to the accident location.
  • The officer of the central control room will only coordinate tasks. There is no plant fire brigade at the FU.
  • Department Takustr. 3: 54300
  • This is a central phone number for first aiders.