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Carefully look for the red notice found nearby every telephone!

Phone NumberHints
  • Emergency call: 0112
  • Be aware that you will have to answer the following questions:
    Who is calling?
    What has happened?
    Where did it happen?
    How many injured persons?
    What kind of injuries?
    Never hang up the phone yourself unless you are asked to do so!
  • Bring the rescue personnel to the location of the accident!
  • Central control room of the FU: 55112
  • Every alarm of the fire alarm panel is automatically forwarded to the officer of the central control room. In case of an alarm the officer tries to call back to get information what has happened. If there is nobody immediately available he will call the firebrigade and send technical staff to the accident location.
  • The officer of the central control room will only coordinate tasks. There is no plant fire brigade at the FU.
  • Department Takustr. 3: 54300
  • This is a central phone number for first aiders.

Leave the building if you hear the evacuation alarm!

  • Close doors and windows but do not lock anything. Do not think that anybody could steal your valuables: The entrances of the bulding are guarded during the evacuation alarm.

Appear at the assembly point!

  • For the staff of the department Takustr. 3 this is:
    Parking area Takustr. 6
  • For the staff of the department Fabeckstr. 34-36 this is:
    Grasland between this building and the building found at Arnimallee 22.

  • If available take care for suitable clothing if it is cold outside.

  • Try to check if there is anybody who did not escape the building.


If you want to release an evacuation alarm:

Look for the next blue alarm knob! You will find these knobs nearby the staircases. It is best to look for these knobs right now and keep their position in mind, because in case of an accident you should not waste time.

To release an alarm break the glass window an press the knob deeply.

Fabeckstr. 34-36
Fabeckstr. 36a
Takustr. 3

What people, who have one of these jobs can do that all the other people know about that:

A good idea is, to put a form onto the outside face of your lab-door.

FU-internal Advice:

Dienststelle Arbeitssicherheit (DAS) (=Safety Department):

Grunewaldstr. 34 a,
12165 Berlin
Phone.: 54495/54496
FAX: 54498
E-Mail: das@zedat.fu-berlin.de
WWW: www.fu-berlin.de/das


Corporate Medical Services:

Dieter Weigel
Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum (AMZ) der Charité
Hindenburgdamm 30,
Gebäude Haus II
12200 Berlin
Phone.: (030)8445-2002 (Appointments) / 2960 (direct)
E-Mail: dieter.weigel@charite.de

External Help:

Giftnotruf Berlin (= Poison Emergency Call): Tel.: 19240 (Day and night)
WWW: giftnotruf.charite.de/

Unfallkasse Berlin (Accident insurance): Culemeyerstr. 2,
12277 Berlin
Phone.: 7624-0
WWW: www.unfallkasse-berlin.de

You do not know how to treat an injuriy?

Look for a first aider!

List of the first aiders of the institute

If an injury has to be medical treated:

The form "Unfallanzeige" has to be filled out. Without the form the statutory accident insurance will not pay the costs. Ask for help in the secretariat of your group!

If no physician is consulted:

An entry in the first aid logs is needed. This serves to prove that the accident happened during work hours. If later on a medical treatment is yet needed this fact is documented and can be forwarded to the statutory accident insurance. For the entries ask a first aider for details.

If an accient victim should see a physician call 112 (emergency call). Please consider that this will be faster than to bring the victim to a doctor yourself. The accident insurance will bear the costs for the transport.

Consult a first aider.

If there is only a light eye injury ("pink eye") by way of exception it may be better to see a resident doctor instead. Try

Praxis Golder, Kruse, Servetopoulou,
Clayallee 341,
14169 Berlin,
Tel.: 8018080
Mon-Thu 7:30 - 18:30, Fr 8:30 - 17:00

Don't forget to phone first if there is a doctor available!

Next First Aid Post

Unfallbehandlungsstelle der Berufsgenossenschaften e.V.
Hildegardstr. 28
10715 Berlin
Tel. 030 / 85 77 14-0
Mo-Fr 8.00 - 18.00, (no announcement required)

Next Accident Hospital:

Klinikum Benjamin Franklin
Klingsorstr. 107,
12200 Berlin,
Tel.: 84453025 (First Aid)

(Long waiting times are possible!)

If injuries have to be medical treated which are caused by an accident during work hours, the expenses are covered by the statutory accident insurance. Please note that accidents happening on the direct way from home to the institute or from the institute to home are also covered. Accidents happening at the leisure time are not covered.

Therefore if an accident has happened during work hours or on the way to or from the institute this fact has to be proved. This is done by using the form "Unfallanzeige" (=accident report) . The form ist only available in German. You may use the German section to get hints how to fill out the form. If you do not understand any German you need help by anybody who does understand the German text.

If the accident is covered by the statutory accident insurance it is very important to fill out the form! Otherwise you may get the bill to pay the costs yourself!

Central fault registration office (works 365 days around the clock)

Tel.: 55555

Institute building Takustr. 3, during the day

Tel.: 55456 (Urgent matters, for example if fume hoods do not work properly)

Engineering and Utilities