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Solid Compounds

Sweeping of is often not the best way.

Quite often you will find the hint: "Sweep it up!" But what to do if the substance creates dust?

If the spilling of the compound has occured outside the fumehood the dust will go anywhere else - for example into your clothing!

It is not needed to dissolve the solid compound but if it is moistured with water it will not create dust any more.

If you pour or drop water onto the powder this will again create dust.
It is better to spray the water onto the powder.
Use a plant sprayer or an empty spray bottle of a household cleaner..

Do not treat compounds this way which may react with water - but maybe you can find other suitable solvents.

It is not necessary to use a dust-pan and a hand-brush to remove the wet powder. If you do not like to get more equipment contaminated just try to use cards - for example index cards to push the material together and even to remove it.