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Non-volatile Liquids

Use absorbents

In the literature you will find several absorbants to remove spilled liquids. Powders or granulated material designed for that purpose have the advantage to be chemically inert, so that no reaction will happen.

But how to remove powder or granulated material?

Generally you will need tools like a brush and a dustpan which will then be contaminated. A suitable alternative are cellulose sheets. Cellulose is a good absorbant and keeps its form when it is wet. So you can grab it with a pair of tweezers or crucible tongs an put it into a bin used for disposal. Just put one sheet onto the spilled liquid, wait until the sheet does not absorb any more liquid and then remove it and put the next sheet onto the liquit.

Consider that cellulose is not inert! In particular oxidizing agents like sulphuric acid, nitric acid or bromine never may be removed with cellulose!