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Volatile Liquids

Volatile liquids dispose themselves.

If volatile liquids have been spilled in the lab just wait until they are evaporated. Leave the lab or close the fume hood respectively and come back if all is evaporated.

If bigger volumes of flammable liquids are spilled remove alle ignition sources (put out flames and switch off light and electrical equipment). Generally you cannot stand to breathe ignitable concentrations. In a typical lab with a volume of 220 m3 for example 10 l of diethyl ether have to be evaporated to deliver an ignitable atmosphere (equal distribution assumed). Already one-tenth of this concentration will cause dizziness. In reality the distibution of the concentration will be more complex because vapors of organic solvents are heavier than air and may indeed give ignitable concentrations close to the floor surface. On the other hand in the labs of the institute the air is (for that reason) also exhausted close to the floor. It is OK to switch of electrical equipment immediately after the liquid has been spilled, because the concentration in the air then is yet low.