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Equilibration of solvent waste mixtures

If there is anything which could react you should want that it reacts IMMEDIATELY.

For example during a clean up of your lab it might happen that a lot of chemicals should be disposed at one time.

  • Strictly avoid that chemicals put into the solvent canister arrange themselves in unmixed layers. It may be that you pile up a high reaction potential and with a perfidous timedelay the canister content may give a runaway reaction.
  • You do like to see it at once, if there is a chance of a reaction. You do not like that a reaction only occurs after you put all of the reactive reagent into the canister and the situation has become irreversible.
  • Therefore you do like to stirr the canister content. But you do not like to use any of your nice scientific stirrers for that purpose.

Self-made stirrer

Bend a glas rod rectangular in a bunsen flame. Use crucible tongs to flatten the end as seen in the picture::

This "glass-rod-stirrer" can be driven by a stirring motor without any support. Use it to stirr the canister content as seen in the picture. The stirrer will run very smoothly: