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Filling Level

If it is too much you will run into trouble!

  Solvent canisters may only be filled up to that height! There must still be a little bit air in the canister!

The air buffer is essential!

  • If the volume of the content should change by any reason or if gas is developed, there must be an expansion volume. Otherwise the canister may explode.
  • If it should happen that the sealing has not beeing screwed gas tight - remember that this should not happen! - the content is not beeing spilled on any movement of the canister.

Fair reasons for overfilling canisters

  • We want to cut the costs!

Wow! But safety is first! And if substance is spilled from an overfilled canister this may be even more expensive...

Unfair reasons for overfilling canisters

My waste is only a very little bit. This will still fit.

... And my waste then will also fit.

The last two times it was me who took away the full canister. I would not dream to become the lackey of the others.

I found the canister still beeing overfilled. Therefore it does not matter if it is now a little bit more overfilled with my waste.

Why should I take care about the filling height!

Result of overfilling

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Tipps what to do with an overfilled canister

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Proposal for an official note

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