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Yellow Container

The yellow container is for waste which can be recycled (except glass and paper which are also recyclet but collected in separate containers).

Unfortunately the rules what can be disposed into the yellow containers sometimes changes.

Things which are always OK:

  • Empty food containers, like yoghurt-cups
  • Plastic bottles (soap or juice bottles)
  • Packaging material (made of plastic), foamed plastic
  • Foils
  • Crown caps
  • Beverage cans
  • Composites (milk bottle)

At the moment this can also be disposed into the yellow containers:

  • Plastic bottles used for lab chemicals. But carefully clean these bottles and remove the warning pictograms. Best is to remove also the cap so that everybody can see that the bottle is empty.

Metal may be be at the moment also disposed into the yellow containers but it is better to deliver scrap metal to the precision mechanics facility where different kinds of metals are collected.