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Broken Lab Glasware

High melting borosilicate glass (lab glassware) must not be disposed into the glass container of the "Berliner Stadtreinigung" (= city cleaning service)!

In the lab collect broken lab glass in separate puncture resistant containers. The collected glass waste has to be disposed into the household waste containers of the "Berliner Stadtreinigung".

Please note:

  • Only clean glass waste may be disposed in this way.
  • Never put glass waste into the household waste containers found in the lab, because the cleaning staff may be harmed by splinters when they transfer the content.
  • The container has to be emptied until it is not jam-packed. A jam-packed container is very hazardous, because with every agitation glass - especially pasteur pipettes may break and the plinters fly around like bullets.
  • On moving and especially on emptying the container always wear safety goggles!