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Bottle Glass (Empty Bottles)


Empty glass bottles may be disposed with the glass waste of the "Berliner Stadtreinigung" (= city cleaning service)


  • The bottles have to be clean.
    Mabe the cleaning of the bottles with soap and brush seems to be uncool, but it helps! Only in rare cases treatment with solvents is necessary. Lab washing machines are also OK..
  • GHS-Pictograms are removed or garbled.
    Removing or garbling of the pictograms is maybe also uncool but it is very necessary, because these pictograms always have to warn about an existing hazardous potential. Since you have cleaned the bottle, there is no more a hazardous potential and the pictograms must not be on the bottle just for fun.


Think about a recycling of the bottles.


  • The bottle is in proper condition
  • The old lable has been removed completely
    ... and will not be pasted over with a new lable.
  • There is a proper fitting cap.
    (This means: A really proper fitting cap!) Do not share in outrageous workarounds, but only recycle bottles where you exactly know the correct cap!
  • All cap seals which have been present at the new bottle are still present and in proper condition.
    If you do not know the kind of bottle, maybe this is diffucult to detect for you. Look for a similar bottle which is new! For example a teflon disk is no seal! This disk did nothing but protecting the cap from coming into contact with the content of the bottle until it was shipped. On using the content you poured it out and in this situation the content did come into contact with the cap. Therefore the cap might now be no more in proper condition and it is a good idea to have a stock of exchange caps.