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The reactivity is easy to handle

The same measures which ensure a safe transportation from the distributor to the consumer will also ensure a safe transport for disposing the compounds. Often this is done by adding water ("Phlegmatizing"). Dispose in a separate bottle. Deactivation cannot be performed by an all-purpose method and will enlarge the quantities to dipose.

If there are peroxides found in solvents there are several specific chemical methods:

  • Iron(II)-sulfate (with diethylether)
  • Copper(I)-chloride (with tetrahydrofuran)
  • Tin(II)-chloride (with dioxane)

More ubiquitous is the adsorption on alumina. The capacity of the alumina denpends on the kind of solvent. Please see the instructions of the supplier of the alumina.

Hydrogen peroxide is very useful to deactivate other compounds. Therfore it should never be disposed.