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Pressure Gas Cylinders

Do not hord!

Pressure gas cylinders cause rental costs. The institute did make a contract with the provider company about a quota. If there are more cylinders than that quota, the surplus cylinders are producing exorbitant costs!

  • Only have that minimum of pressure gas cylinders in your lab which is needed for your work!
  • Return empty cylinders immediately to the "Materialverwaltung" (=Material Management)!
  • Do not lose the overview about ordered and used pressure gas cylinders. (= Do not leave and forget cylinders anywhere.)

Pressure gas cylinders may only be used for a limited period of time. This deadline is stamped on the cylinder (see picture). If the time is up and the cylinder still contains pressure gas a special disposing is needed which may cost 20 to 700 €, depending on the kind of gas, the volume of the cylinder and the residual pressure. You may only avoid these costs, if the cylinder is completely emptied and therefore can be disposed as metal waste. The complete emptying has to be ensured by opening it up by drilling or by removing the main valve. (Drilling or removing of the valve is of course not your job but is done by a technician of the institute.)