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Benzyl halogenides

The canister for the solvents is sometimes not the best choice

Benzyl halogenides are very lachrymating agents. Additionally benzyl chloride is carcinogenic. Handle and dispose carefully!

Pure compound

You may dispose benzyl halogenides as solvents. With bigger volumes it may be better to dispose in a separate bottle because of the lachrymating effect and the reactivity. Benzyl halogenides may be purified by vacuum distillation. Benzyl bromide is less stable at room temperature but in a freezing compartment it becomes a solid and is savable. Since benzyl bromide is also not carcinogenic it is perfect to replace the benzyl chloride.

Distillation residue, contaminated glass ware

Rinse glass ware several times with acetone or ethanol. Each time allow the solvent to evaporate completely before you rinse again. Immerse soaking materials into alkaline alcohol solutions. Treat resin-like distillation residues also with alkaline alcohol solutions and reflux the mixture. The benzyl halogenides are deactivated there by a synthesis of ethers according to Williamson. The ethers are no more lachrymating and are disposed as solvents.