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Chemical Supply

  1. All registered members of Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry and Chemistry Education can make use of the Material Stores in Takustr. 3 and Fabeckstr. 34/36. Students doing internships in the research groups and the practical courses need a receipt signed by an authorized tutor.
  2. Staff from other units in the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry need an official letter from the head of the unit
  3. The agreements between the Material Management sites in the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy administrations remain unaffected 
  4. The delivery of chemicals to private individuals is not permitted.

You can find the chemicals which are located in the material store in the CLAKS-system. The groupnumber of the material store is 392. Use the combined search function for searching of specific chemicals.

Disposal of chemical waste and solvent waste

The material management collects chemical and solvent waste regulary on scheduled times.

Waste canisters must be tightly closed, must not be overfilled, and need to be clean outside and labeled correctly. Canisters that do not comply with these criteria are not accepted by the waste disposal company and therefore will be rejected by the material management employees. Empty waste containers can be obtained during the scheduled times in the disposal room or during the opening times at the counter.

Waste is collected at Fabeckstrasse 34/36 on Tuesdays from 01:35 til 01:50 pm (disposal room V09).

Note: The working group member is responsible for proper filling of the waste canister according to the criteria. Please also comply with the information from the technical department of Freie Universität Berlin about waste management.

Request for issuance of a transponder:

Please fill both forms completly (material supply store copy and employee copy) and let it sign from your professor/group leader.

You have o give 35,- Euro as a deposit for the transponder and you will get it back by returning the transponder. In case of loss of the transponder there is no refund of the deposit.

One copy of the forms stays in the material supply store one is your copy which you should take care of and please bring it with you when you return the transponder.

Please take note of the commitments on the form when you receive the transponder.

Form (Request for Issuance of a Transponder).