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Forschungsseminar AG Roth

Forschungsseminar AG Roth Angewandte Elektrochemie WS 2018/2019

Dienstags, 12.30 - 14.00 Uhr, Raum 25.01

Koordinatoren: Prof. Christina Roth

Termin Thema Vortragender



Bachelorverteidigung Joscha Lenze

Theory of cyclic voltammetry at micro cylinder electrodes in finite diffusion space

Tim Tichter

06.11 Correlation between Nickel Loading and Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity Eugene
13.11 Electrospinning (work update)  
20.11 Water balance in Alkaline membrane fuel cell and Hybrid membrane fuel cell Ufuk Güler
27.11 Methods for Fabrication and Modification of Carbon Electrode Materials for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (pre defense) Abdul Fetyan
04.12 External, Master student, visitor Prof. Elena Savinova, Strasbourg
11.12 Electrospinning (instrumental update)  
Performance of Ni catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline membrane fuel cells Dr. Prashant Khadke
18.12 Tailoring of Nanostructured Materials in A Leviated Water Drop reactor: Photocatalysis Dr. Gumaa Elnagar
08.01. Redox flow battery (work update) Jonthan Schneider
15.01 Metal-Organic-Framework Mediated Cu and Cu Alloy-Doped Porous Carbon for CO2RR Fan Yang
The principle of x-ray raman scattering and its application Eugene
22.01 Fabrication of Electrospun Nanofibrous Electrodes designed for Redox Flow Batteries Dr. Mahbouba Maleki
29.01 Electrocatalysis, Fuel cell (work update) Marcus Gebhard
Termin verschoben Carbon composite materials as electrodes for vanadium redox flow batteries - current findings Maike Schnucklake
12.02 Activity and Selectivity of ZnO Decorated Cu Dendrites for Electrochemical CO2 reduction Alvaro Diaz Duque