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Quantum nonlocality and conservation of momentum

Scott, Tony C. and Andrae, Dirk – 2015

Herein, we review a many-body relativistic theory in the context of quantum entanglement and nonlocality. We extract from a collection of charged particles a formulation which obeys (i) particle–particle symmetry, (ii) conservation rules for the total canonical momentum and total energy, (iii) Maxwell’s equations, and (iv) relativistic invariance. An important aspect related to quantum entanglement is the existence and the formulation of a conservation law for total generalized momenta within a relativistic action-at-a-distance framework for such a collection of charged particles. It is thus found that there is more correspondence between some of the older Machian notions of classical mechanics and quantum entanglement than previously realized and it is suggested that the apparent nonlocal effects in quantum mechanics can be explained without having to resort to any violation of causality thanks to a “handshake” principle resulting from Hamilton’s principle applied to a closed system of charged particles as a whole ensemble.

Quantum nonlocality and conservation of momentum
Scott, Tony C. and Andrae, Dirk
DOI: 10.4006/0836-1398-28.3.374
Phyiscs Essays 2015, 28, 374-385