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Templated Synthesis of Interlocked Molecules

Bottom Up Nanofabrication

Bottom Up Nanofabrication

C. A. Schalley, J. Illigen – 2009

Bottom-up Nanofabrication is the first and only reference work ever published to cover all aspects of the bottom-up nanofabrication. The bottom-up nanofabrication approaches are biology inspired which include building up functional nanostructures starting from basic atoms or molecules. The key point is the identification and manipulation of potential atoms and molecules and forming their based well-defined nanostructures in order to tailor and improve desired properties of used components through fabrication strategies. Process also involves control of molecular structures on the surface. This 6-Volume book brings together under a single cover all aspects of the bottom-up nanofabrication including all types of processing and fabrication methodologies, chemical and electrochemical synthesis, physical methods, nucleation and growth phenomena, functional supramolecular nanostructures, molecular self-assemblies and nanostructured films, spectroscopic characterization, electronic, optical, nonlinear optical, and magnetic properties, dynamic processes, molecular interactions, molecular design and computational modeling, and commercial applications of self-assembled nanostructures. This book covers interdisciplinary topics associated with the chemistry, physics, engineering and biology of supramolecular nanostruuctures, self-assemblies, and organized films. The six-volume set contains over 110 state-of-the-art review chapters written by internationally renowned experts from around the world.

Templated Synthesis of Interlocked Molecules
C. A. Schalley, J. Illigen
American Scientific Publishers, Valencia/USA
ISBN: 1-58883-079-9
Appeared in
Bottom-up Nanofabrication: Supramolecules, Self-Assemblies, and Organized Films, K. Ariga, H. S. Nalwa (eds.)