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Anorganische und Organische Fluorchemie - WiSe 2019/2020

Organofluorine Chemistry


Thursdays 14:00-16:30 in HS Anorganik (Fabeckstr. 34/36). Starting 09.01.2020 (Total = 5 Lectures + 1 on Bioorganic Fluorine Chemistry from Prof. Dr. Koksch).


The course is assessed through student presentations that take place directly after the lecture.

Handouts, Slides and Resources

Full lecture scripts can be downloaded from the website of Prof. Dr. Riedel:


Lecture scripts from the inorganic part of the course as well as a list of the scheduled student talks can also be downloaded there.

A password to open the documents will be provided in the lectures.

If you have any queries, just send me an email (matthew.hopkinson@fu-berlin.de) or speak to me during the lecture.


InstructorMatthew Hopkinson
SemesterWinter Semester 2019/2020
Scope of CourseFundamentals, Fluorination Reactions, Radiofluorination for PET Imaging, CF3, SCF3, OCF3 and other groups, C-F Activation
RoomFabeckstr. 34-36 HS Anorganik
StartJan 09, 2020 | 02:00 PM
endFeb 13, 2020 | 04:30 PM