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Calderón Group

Welcome to the research group website of Prof. Dr. Marcelo Calderón!

The research interest of our group deals with the development of novel polymer therapeutic concepts. We use responsive dendritic systems and nanogels as smart polymeric systems for the improvement of the therapeutic index of drugs. Our main areas of research are: (1) multifunctional polymer-drug conjugates, (2) self-assembling amphiphiles for the controlled delivery of bioactives, (3) new diagnostic technologies as theranostic approaches, and (4) environment-responsive nanogels.

Our work is mainly focused on polymer and organic chemistry that is supported by our strong international collaboration network involving biochemists, biologists, medical doctors, etc. with knowledge in areas as gene therapy, cancer therapeutics, topical applications, amongst others.

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Curriculum Vitae May 2018: download

Group pic 2018

Group pic 2018

Latest News


If you want to learn more about the implication of the cleavable linker design on the cell-mediated drug release of macromolecular prodrugs, have a look to our paper in the Journal of Controlled Release. Congrats to Gregor for such impresive work. Free access to the paper here https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1XP85cI2~mBTX#.W09RK59OOZ0.twitter …


Another publication resulting from a collaboration with Argentinean researchers, in the frame of the PhD thesis of Enrique Miceli. This time with the National University of Cordoba and funding from the Focus Area Nanoscale. Read for free at https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0939641117312808


Congratulations to Laura Vossen for the successful defense of her doctoral thesis entitled 'Development of dendritic polymer conjugates and their applications in nanomedicine'! Many thanks to the collaboration partners from Universidad de Leon and the Tel Aviv University.


We are looking for a highly motivated doctoral student to join our new labs in Polymat, San Sebastian, Spain. Here some details about the call: doctoral position at Polymat.