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Breaking the Barrier – Potent Anti-Inflammatory Activity following Efficient Topical Delivery of Etanercept using Thermoresponsive Nanogels

M. Giulbudagian, G. Yealland, S. Hönzke, A. Edlich, B. Geisendörfer, B. Kleuser, S. Hedtrich*, M. Calderón*.

Theranostics (2018), 8, 450-463.

Enhanced Topical Delivery of Dexamethasone by β-Cyclodextrin Decorated Thermoresponsive Nanogels

M. Giulbudagian, S. Hönzke, J. Bergueiro, D. Işık, F. Schumacher, S. Saeidpour, S. B. Lohan, M. C. Meinke, C. Teutloff, M. Schäfer-Korting, G. Yealland, B. Kleuser, S. Hedtrich, M. Calderón*.

Nanoscale (2018), 10, 469-479.

Selective cell isolation by transferrin functionalized silane-carbon soot mediated superhydrophobic micropatterns

G.P. Chate, N.R. Kale, V. Khobragade, C. Rahane, M. Calderón, S.S. Banerjee, J.J. Khandare.

Advanced Material Interfaces (2018), 2018, 5, 1701581.

Thermoresponsive nanogels with film-forming ability

A.S. Sonzogni, M.C.G. Passeggi (Jr.), S. Wedepohl, M. Calderón, L.M. Gugliotta, V.D.G. Gonzalez, R.J. Minari.

Polymer Chemistry (2018), 9, 1004–1011.

Optimizing the circulating tumor cells capture efficiency of magnetic nanogels mediated by transferrin decoration

C. Biglione, J. Bergueiro, M. Asadian-Birjand, C. Weise, V. Khobragade, G. Chate, M. Dongare, J. Khandare, M.C. Strumia, M. Calderón*.

Polymers (2018), 10, 174.

PEGylated dendritic polyglycerol conjugate targeting NCAM-expressing neuroblastoma: limitations and challenges

L.I. Vossen, E. Markovsky, A. Eldar-Boock, H.R. Tschiche, S. Wedepohl, R. Satchi-Fainaro*, M. Calderón*

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (2018), 14, 1169-1179.

Comparison of Skin Penetration, Pathological and Clinical Effects of Novel Drug Transporters – Thermoresponsive Nanogels and Core Multishell Nanocarriers – in a Murine Model of Atopic Dermatitis

H. Pischon, M. Radbruch, F. Du, M. Guilbudagian, M. Calderón, M. Unbehauen, R. Haag, A.D. Gruber, L. Mundhenk

Journal of Comparative Pathology (2018), 158, 110.

A facile, one-pot, surfactant-free nanoprecipitation method for the preparation of nanogels from polyglycerol-drug conjugates that can be freely assembled for combination therapy applications

L.I. Vossen, S. Wedepohl, M. Calderón*

Polymers (2018), 10(4), 398.

Temperature-enhanced follicular penetration of thermoresponsive nanogels

S. Jung, G. Nagel, M. Giulbudgian, M. Calderón*, A. Patzelt*, F. Knorr, J. Lademann.

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie (2018), DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/zpch-2017-1080.

Reverting the molecular fingerprint of tumor dormancy as a therapeutic strategy for glioblastoma

S. Ferber, G. Tiram, P. Ofek, A. Eldar-Boock, D. Ben-Shushan, E. Yeini, A. Krivitsky, O. Amsalem, N. Almog, J. Henkin, J.S. Lee, E. Ruppin, E. Yavin, G. Cohen, P. Lazarovici, R. Grossman, Z. Ram, M. Calderón, R. Haag, R. Satchi-Fainaro

The FASEB Journal (2018), manuscript accepted.

Crosslinked casein-based micelles as a dually responsive drug delivery system

M. Picchio, J.C. Cuggino, G. Nagel, S. Wedepohl, R. Minari, C.I. Alvarez Igarzabal, L. Gugliotta*, M. Calderón*.

Polymer Chemistry (2018), 9, 3499-3510.

Semi-interpenetrated, dendritic, dual-responsive nanogels with cytochrome c corona induce controlled apoptosis in HeLa cells

E. Miceli, S. Wedepohl, E. Rafael Osorio Blanco, G.N. Rimondino, M. Martinelli, M. Strumia, M. Molina, M. Kar, M. Calderón*

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2018), 130, 115-122.

Modular approach for theranostic polymer conjugates with activatable fluorescence: impact of linker design on the stimuli-induced release of doxorubicin
G. Nagel, H.R. Tschiche, S. Wedepohl, M. Calderón*.

Journal of Controlled Release (2018), 285, 200-211.

Understanding the elusive protein corona of thermoresponsive nanogels

E. Miceli, B. Kuropka, C. Rosenauer, E.R. Osorio Blanco, L. Fechner, M. Kar, C. Weise, S. Morsbach, C. Freund, M. Calderón*.

Nanomedicine (2018), manuscript accepted.

Nanoparticles from supramolecular polylactides overcome drug resistance of cancer cells

M. Brzeziński, S. Wedepohl, B. Kost, M. Calderón*.

European Polymer Journal (2018). Manuscript accepted.

Effect of Delivery Platforms Structure on the Epidermal Antigen Transport for Topical Vaccination
A.S. Sonzogni, G. Yealland, M. Kar, S. Wedepohl, L.M.Gugliotta, V.D.G. Gonzalez, S. Hedtrich, M. Calderón*, R.J. Minari*

Biomacromolecules (2018), manuscript accepted.

Transglutaminase 1 replacement therapy successfully mitigates the ARCI phenotype in full-thickness skin disease equivalents

R. Plank, G. Yealland, E. Miceli, P. Graff, K. Eckl, D. Lima Cunha, R. Gruber, V. Moosbrugger-Martinz, M. Calderón, H.C. Hennies, S. Hedtrich

Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2018), manuscript accepted.

Critical parameters for the controlled synthesis of nanogels suitable for temperature-triggered protein delivery
L.E. Theune, R. Charbaji, M. Kar, S. Wedepohl, S. Hedtrich, M. Calderón*

A selective macromolecular probe for in vivo imaging of cathepsin B activity in the tumor microenvironment
H.-Y. Hu, H.R. Krüger, D. Vats, M. Vizovisek, A. Duro-Castano, D. Bühlmann, J. Rajkovic, S. Reichert, K.U. Wendt, M. Calderón, M. Rudin, M.J. Vicent, O. Plettenburg, B. Turk, C. Schultz, R. Haag. Manuscript submitted.

Matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive multistage nanogels promote drug transport in 3D tumor model

G. Nagel, A. Sousa-Herves, S. Wedepohl, M. Calderón*. Manuscript submitted.