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Overcoming drug resistance with on-demand charged thermoresponsive dendritic nanogels by enhanced doxorubicin uptake

M. Molina, S. Wedepohl, E. Miceli, M. Calderón*

Nanomedicine (2017), 12, 117-129.

Dendritic polyglycerol and N-isopropylacrylamide based thermoresponsive nanogels as smart carriers for controlled delivery of drugs through the hair follicle

F.F. Sahle, M. Giulbudagian, J. Bergueiro, J. Lademann*, M. Calderón*

Nanoscale (2017), 9, 172-182.

Drug delivery across intact and disrupted skin barrier: identification of cell populations interacting with penetrated thermoresponsive nanogels

F. Rancan, M. Giulbudagian, J. Jurisch, U. Blume-Peytavi, M. Calderón, A. Vogt

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2017), 116, 4-11.

Rational design of dendritic thermo-responsive nanogels that undergo phase transition on endolysosomal conditions

G. N. Rimondino, E. Miceli, M. Molina, S. Wedepohl, S. Thierbach, E. Rühl, M. Strumia, M. Martinelli,* M. Calderón*.

Journal of Material Chemistry B (2017), 5, 866-874.

In vivo comparative study of distinct polymeric architectures bearing a combination of paclitaxel and doxorubicin at a synergistic ratio

H. Baabur-Cohen,§ L. Vossen,§ H.R. Krüger, A. Eldarboock, E. Yeini, N. Landa-Rouben, G. Tiram, S. Wedepohl, E. Markovsky, J. Leor, M. Calderón*, R. Satchi-Fainaro*. 

Journal of Controlled Release (2017), 257, 118-131.

Specific uptake mechanisms of well-tolerated thermoresponsive polyglycerol-based nanogels in antigen-presenting cells of the skin

A. Edlich, C. Gerecke, M. Giulbudagian, F. Neumann, M. Schäfer-Korting, N. Ma, M. Calderón, B. Kleuser.

European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2017), 116, 155-163.

Metallo-polymer chain extension controls the morphology and release kinetics of microparticles composed of terpyridine-capped polylactides and their stereocomplexes

M. Brzeziński, A. Kacprzak, M. Calderón*, S. Seiffert*. 

Macromolecular Rapid Communications (2017), 38, 1600790.

Biocompatibility and characterization of polyglycerol-based thermoresponsive nanogels designed as novel drug delivery systems and their intracellular fate in keratinocytes

C. Gerecke, A. Edlich, M. Giulbudagian, F. Schumacher, N. Zhang, A. Said, G. Yealland, S.B. Lohan, F. Neumann, M. Meinke, N. Ma, M. Calderón, S. Hedtrich, M. Schaefer-Korting, B. Kleuser.

Nanotoxicology (2017), 11, 267-277.

Formation and characterization of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of Newkome-type dendrons in presence and absence of a therapeutic compound, for the development of surface mediated drug delivery systems
N. Dib, A. Reviglio, L. Fernandez, L. Otero, G. Morales, M. Santo, F. Alustiza, A. Liaudat, P. Bosch, M. Calderón, M. Martinelli, M. Strumia. 

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2017), 15, 243–253.

Interaction of organic nanoparticles with proteins in physiological conditions

E. Miceli, M. Kar, M. Calderón*.

Journal of Material Chemistry B (2017), 4393-4405.

Responsive nanogels for anticancer therapy

M. Kar, L. Fechner, G. Nagel, E. Glitscher, G.N. Rimondino, M. Calderón*

RSC Book, Smart Material Series 'Nanogels for Biomedical Applications' (2017), 210-260.

How are we applying nanogel composites in biomedicine?

M. Kar, M. Molina, M. Calderón*

Nanomedicine (2017), 12, 1627-1630.

Protein corona formation on polymeric nanoparticles possessing porous, solid and PEG-based surfaces of varied surface charge and hydrophobicity: impact on cellular uptake, toxicity, immunogenicity and drug release properties

K. Obst, G. Yealland, E. Miceli, M. Dimde, B. Balzus, C. Weise, M. Eravci, R. Bodmeier, R. Haag, M. Calderón, N. Charbaji, Sarah Hedtrich.

Biomacromolecules (2017), 18, 1762–1771.

Acid-Sensitive Doxorubicin Prodrug Nanoemulsion Impairs Tumor Growth and Prevents Distant Lung Metastasis in a Breast Cancer Mice Model

A.L. dos Santos Câmara, G. Nagel, H.R. Tschiche, C. Cardador, L.A. Muehlmann, R. Bentes Azevedo, M. Calderón, J.P. Figueiró Longo.

Nanomedicine (2017), 12, 1751-1765.

PEGylated dendritic polyglycerol conjugate delivers doxorubicin to the parasitophorous vacuole in leishmania infantum infections

C. Gutierrez Corbo, B. Dominguez Asenjo, L. I. Vossen, Y. Pérez Pertejo, M. A. Muñoz-Fenández, R. Balaña-Fouce, M. Calderón*, R. M. Reguera*.

Macromolecular Bioscience (2017), 17, 1700098.

Unexpected Chiro-Thermoresponsive Behavior of Helical Poly(phenylacetylene)s Bearing Elastin-Based Side-Chains

S. Arias, F. Freire*, M. Calderón*, J. Bergueiro*

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2017), 56, 11420–11425.

EPR technology as sensitive method for oxidative stress detection in primary and secondary keratinocytes induced by two selected nanoparticles

S.B. Lohan, S. Ahlberg, A. Mensch, D. Höppe, M. Giulbudagian, M. Calderón, S. Grether-Beck, J. Krutmann, J. Lademann, M.C. Meinke. 

Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics (2017), 75, 359–367.

Co-targeting the tumor endothelium and P-selectin-expressing glioblastoma cells leads to a remarkable therapeutic outcome

S. Ferber,  G. Tiram, A. Sousa-Herves, A.Eldar-Boock, A. Krivitsky, A. Scomparin, E. Yeini, L.I. Vossen, K. Licha, R. Grossman, Z. Ram, J. Henkin, R. Haag, M. Calderón, R. Satchi-Fainaro.

eLife (2017), 6, e25281.