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We are always looking for motivated students and PostDocs, who want to join our lab for internships, to work towards a Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis, or to extend their (PostDoc) portfolio using our methods. Our research projects are highly interdisciplinary, such that we can offer projects in the fields of (bio)physics, (bio)chemistry, and material science, depending on the training and scientific focus of the applicant. Students aiming for an internship or a Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis and PostDocs are encouraged to apply at any time; please send your meaningful application via mail.

Furthermore, we are happy to serve as host for PostDocs, who want to apply for the Benjamin Walter Programme of the German Research Foundation or for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship of the European Commission. Applicants are encouraged to contact me (via mail) sufficiently ahead of time.

Current Opportunities

We encourage graduates with a Masters degree in biophysics, polymer physics or polymer chemistry, who want to join our group as doctoral student (PhD or Dr. rer. nat.), to apply at any time, as we may be able to provide a suitable funding at short notice.

Possible research projects include, but are not limited to,

1. Tracking of individual biological nanoparticles with nm-resolution (e.g., (proteo-)liposomes, viruses, bacteria) at artificial or native cell membranes and within hydrogels.

2. Single-molecule force spectroscopy at the pN level (with fN force sensitivity).

3. Quantification of the activity of enzymes measured with single-molecule resolution using advanced microscopy (e.g., TIRF, confocal, FCS).

4. Development of advanced data analysis schemes or advanced setups for optical (scattering) microscopy (both to be applied in single-particle tracking or single-molecule biophysics).