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Hybrid organic-inorganic copolymers

Hybrid organic-inorganic copolymers for composite material (Focus: Polymer Chemistry and Materials Science)

Copyright: Wiley / Bertin

Group members working on the project:
PhD student: M.Sc. Sebastian Czarnecki
Master student: B.Sc. Daniel Braatz

Past group members on the project:
Master student: B.Sc. Thi Mai Phuong Tran
Post doctoral researcher: Dr. Sebastian Hackelbusch
Bachelor student: B.Sc. Jan Potthoff

Selected publications:

[2] Hybrid silicon-based organic/ inorganic block copolymers with sol-gel active moieties: Synthetic advances, self-assembly and applications in biomedicine and material science.
S. Czarnecki, A. Bertin.
Chemistry: A European Journal (invited review) 2018, doi: 10.1002/chem.20170528.

[1] Biohybrid and peptide-based polymer vesicles.
A. Bertin, F. Hermes, H. Schlaad.
Advances in Polymer Science 2010, 224, 167-195.