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Jan has succesfully defended his bachelor thesis entitled: Hybrid organic-inorganic copolymers via RAFT polymerization. Congratulations to Jan from the whole team!


Asad will attend the conference "Polydays 2016: Integrating Function into Polymers", which will take place in Potsdam (uni Potsdam) from Sept. 28th-30th. He will present his work as poster contribution: "Temperature sensitive aggregation behaviour of poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile)".


Soraya gave a talk today on "Microfluidic-assisted self-assembly of dendritic amphiphiles" in the frame of the the 10th Young Scientists´ Workshop at the Fraunhofer ICT–IMM in Mainz. What a great opportunity for her to give a talk among renowned speakers such as Prof. Holger Frey, Prof. Thomas Vilgis, Prof. Thorsten Röder and Prof. Thomas Walther! And thanks from my part to Prof. Michael Maskos and the organisers for the invitation and the chance to attend all these really high quality presentations of young and more established scientists.


I had the chance to present an oral contribution to the biennial meeting of the GDCh-Division of Macromolecular Chemistry with the topic of "Polymers: From structure to function" in Halle (September 11 - 13, 2016). My talk was entitled "Phase transition and aggregation behavior of thermoresponsive copolymer poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile)".


Jan Potthoff, Bachelor student in Chemistry at FU Berlin just started his Bachelor Thesis in our group on "Hybrid organic-inorganic copolymers via RAFT polymerization". Welcome to Jan!


I will have the opportunity to give a talk about our work on UCST-type copolymers during the Warwick Polymer Conference 2016, which is an important event especially for the English Polymer Community (July 11th - July 14th). I am looking forward to it!


Welcome to Vahid Ahmadi Soureshjani, Master Student in the Master of Polymer Science program between FU / HU / TU Berlin / Uni Potsdam, who will be working with us for the coming 3 months for an "advanced lab". His topic: "UCST-type copolymers".


Our paper reporting the tuning of the surface of nanoparticles and the impact of poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) on protein adsorption in serum and cellular uptake has just been published in Macromolecular Bioscience. Congratulations to Olga and thanks to our cooperation partners and their team, Michael Maskos and Roland Stauber!


Asad and I are given the opportunity to present our work as oral presentations during the World Congress on Living Polymerizations and Polymers (LPP16) in Budapest, Hungary from 29th of May until 3rd of June. Asad will talk about "Aggregation behavior of UCST-type poly(acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile) copolymer" and I will present our latest results on "Endowing nanoparticles with orthogonal functionalities via core/shell/shell architectures".


We are happy to welcome Dr. Sebastian Hackelbusch in our team for a one year postdoc on "Bioinspired epoxy matrix-glass fiber composites with improved mechanical properties".


I will have the chance to present our work as oral contributions during the ACS Spring Meeting that will be held 13-17 March 2016 in San Diego, USA: "Controlled self-assembly of dendritic amphiphiles in micromixers" (Soraya´s topic) and "Endowing nanoparticles with orthogonal functionalities via core/shell/shell architecture" (Asad´s topic).


M.Sc. Sebastian Czarnecki started today his PhD work on "Hybrid organic-inorganic copolymers for polyurethane-based composites". Welcome Sebastian!


We will present our work as poster contributions during The Macromolecular Colloquium Freiburg that will be held 24-26 February 2016: Soraya´s contribution will deal with "Microfluidic self-assembly of dendritic amphiphiles" and Asad will present his poster entitled "Endowing nanoparticles with orthogonal functionalities via a core/shell/shell architecture".


Hendrik Liebe is doing an internship in our group on the topic "Interactions of defined nucleic acid sequences with cationic dendrimers as histone mimics" since 26th of January and this for 3 months. Welcome Hendrik!