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Projects GRK 1582

Scientific program

The scientific program is subdivided into four sections headed by one of the principal investigators. The scientific projects range from synthesis to spectroscopic characterization and theoretical description of currently poorly understood elemental fluorides and their use as oxidative agents (area A), to the application of complex elemental fluorides fort he synthesis of novel materials and fluorinated supports (area B). In addition, the development of innovative synthesis concepts and catalytic processes for the preparation of fluorinated organic compounds (area C) is pursued. Finally, the application of these concepts for the synthesis of novel building blocks with biological activity have advantageous pharmaceutical properties are in the focus of (area D). The intense collaborations between the different projects and interdisciplinary nature of them leads to a strong interlink between the different areas.

Area A - Metal Fluorides - Head: Prof. Dr. K. Seppelt (FU)

Spectroscopy of gaseous metal fluorides Rühl
Oxidations using metal hexafluorides Seppelt
Technetium(I)-Technetium(IV) fluorides Abram
Low oxidation state fluorides Seppelt

Area B - Functional Materials - Head: Prof. Dr. E. Kemnitz (HU)

Metastable fluoride phases as catalysts Kemnitz
Coatings based on nanoscopic metal fluorides Kemnitz
Ab initio investigations of Cu, Ag and Au fluorides Paulus
Supramolecular interactions based on the "fluorous effect" Haag

Area C - Catalytic Syntheses - Head: Prof. Dr. T. Braun (HU)

Fluorocomplexes of Rh and Pd Braun
Catalytic C-F activation Braun
Catalytic dehydrofluoration of fluorinated allenes Lentz
Enantiselective syntheses of fluorinated carbonic acids Czekelius

Area D - Biologically active compounds - Head: Prof. Dr. B. Koksch (FU)

Cytotoxic fluorinated metal complexes Gust
Fluorinated peptidic HIV-fusion inhibitors Koksch
F-mediated H-bonds in peptides Koksch
Fluorinated heterocycles Reissig

Detailed information concerning the sub-projects are available in german only.

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