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Area B: functional materials based on known compounds

Head: Prof. Dr. Erhard Kemnitz

Area B focuses on the characterization a well as the application of functional fluorinated materials inorganic and organic alike. Novel sol-gel procedures are used to prepare new fluorides and hydroxofluorides of main and secondary group metals. These systems are characterized in terms of their ability as fluorinating agents and catalysts for isomerization, alkylation, benzylation reactions. Similar concepts are followed to generate metal fluoride sols for a variety of metals capable to be used at room temperature without post treatments for large-scale coating of various surfaces. Such surfaces are of considerable importance for technological applications such as optics, laser technology, or corrosion protection. With respect to an understanding of such processed it is important to realize that it is still a challenge for state of the art theory to describe the metal-fluorine as well as the metal metal bonds in solids appropriately. In turn the prediction of their properties such as the crystal structure is far from being straightforward. Efforts are made to improve on this and in particular to try to shed light on the well-known - but not yet understood- absence of group 11 fluorides except AgF. Another project will evaluate the potential of perfluorinated groups on various homogeneous catalysts for anchoring fluorinated dendrimers. Such supramolecular interactions of fluorinated molecules are known for a long time, however, they have never been explored systematically. The main focus of this project is on the quantitative understanding of the interactions as well as on improvements with respect to product isolation and catalyst recycling.

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin