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Neu Group - Biochemistry of viruses


Image Credit: C. Langner


Image Credit: U. Neu

Welcome to the Neu lab at FU Berlin! We are interested in how viruses and infectious agents interact with carbohydrates on their hosts and the environment.

Carbohydrates densely cover every living cell and thus it is not a surprise that many human viruses interact with carbohydrates as receptors on their host cells in order to initiate infection. The specificity and affinity of viral proteins for carbohydrates determines viral spread, transmission and pathogenesis. We use approaches from biophysics, glycobiology and structural biology to determine the specificity, affinity and structure of viral proteins interacting with carbohydrates. Structural information is the key to understanding these protein-carbohydrate recognition processes, which are less well understood than protein-protein or protein-nucleic acid interactions.

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Room 304
14195 Berlin
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