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Dr. rer. nat. Maria Reichenbach

Maria studied biochemistry at the Leibniz University Hannover with a basic education in chemistry. In her diploma research at the lab of Prof. Harald Genth, she investigated the Rho signaling in response to chlostridial toxins. In 2010 she started her PhD at the University of Hamburg in cooperation with the Beiersdorf AG. There, she explored the mechanotransduction process and the involvement of the p38 MAPK/HSP27 signaling in actin rearrangement in human dermal fibroblasts.

In September 2015 she joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Petra Knaus to participate in the FOR 2165, Regeneration in Aged project. Here, she focuses on the cooperation of BMP signaling with mechanotransduction pathways and their contributions in cytoskeleton regulation.

Dr. Maria Reichenbach



Signal Transduction

maria.reichenbach (at) fu-berlin.de / maria.reichenbach (at) aol.com

Gene expression in response to cyclic mechanical stretch in primary human dermal fibroblasts, Reichenbach M, Reimann K, Reuter H, Genomics Data, 2014 Oct 16;vol. 2 p. 335-339

Distinct kinetics of (H/K/N)Ras Glucosylation and Rac1 Glucosylation Catalysed by Clostridium sordellii Lethal toxin, Huelsenbeck SC, Klose I, Reichenbach M, Huelsenbeck J, Genth H, FEBS Letters, 2009 Oct 6; 583(19): 3133-9